Saturday, March 04, 2006

Copyrights never die!!!

Copyrighted material has been biven a twenty year extension in a recent bill that memorializes Congressman Sonny Bono of the Sonny ans Cher fame. As a result of the new bill his popular hit "I got you Babe" will be under copyright protection untill the year 2061!!!
I doubt whether such a lengthy period of intellectual property rights is needed to enhance the output of creative people. Mickey Mouse is already more than sixty years old but yet he enjoys world wide protection!!!


Anonymous said...

it makes no sense to me because no one either sings it or will remember that. I guess they just want to take legal actions to show power

Jarrett said...

I think copyrights should be extended. That was his song and his creative mind who thought about it. Nobody should be able to steal it or to take parts off of it.


Melissa said...

Sonny Bono has the right to all his songs and lyrics because it is his own work. As jarrett stated, no one should have the right to steal Bono's work unless agreed by Bono to sign over his work to someone else. Other than that, I feel copyrights should be extended because it is very easy to steal the work of someone else's and try to pass it off as your own, so its better to make sure whatever work you do is well-copyrighted.