Friday, February 13, 2009

25 most responsible for the financial meltdown

If you are interested in viewing a list of the 25 individuals who are thought to have played a major role in the current financial debacle then copy and paste the following URL into your browser. The list is interesting , informative and well done.,28804,1877351_1878509_1878508,00.html


Anonymous said...

Wow interesting i can see phil gramm being number one with his ideas of privatizing social security. form what i remember phil gramm had alot of power being one of the chairmen of the senate banking commitee and with his ideas and outbursts that let him gain nothing but a problem for the economy and an increase for his own wallet by certain companies like USB its not surprising that he has an average rating of 9 on that chart
-Benjamin Williams Eco 106 Wed 6-8:45

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would not put George Bush as high as he is on that list. The financial collapse that was pinned on him was indeed the fault of the CEO's of top investment firms such as Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. I also feel the American consumer is not as much to blame because with the unemployment rate skyrocketing it makes sense that we are trying to be more careful with our money and not spending ever dime or investing in our shady banks.
-Brian Smith