Monday, February 27, 2006

Corporate Responsibility?

I have been wondering recently whether the term "Corporate Responsibility" is an oxymoron similar to some other common terms such as "sustainable growth" and "military intelligence".

If we are to judge the car manufacturing giants by their recent advertising campaigns then we must conclude that they have all become converted to the virtues of small cars, efficient engines and alternative fuels. Ford uses the Muppets to show their environmentally sensible offerings, GM touts it 20-30 gas sipping engines, Toyota is very proud of its hybrids and Daimler-Chrysler of its commitment to innovation.

Sadly, though, none of the above manufacturers practices what they preach. The new Ford pick up is almost as large as a bus, GM's Trailblazzer has a vette engine, Chryslers new Grand Cherokee goes from zero to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and is not meant for the offroad and Toyotas new pick-up trucks are designed to be as large and powerful as their dreaded American counterparts. Maybe it is about time that we teach these corporate giants a lesson. What if they throw a party and no one shows up? Do you think that we have it in us to boycott these products? Fat chance.

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