Saturday, February 25, 2006

Corporations that Do Good

Corporations vie with each other , just like the Hollywood denizens on Oscar night, to find out how they are judged by their peers on a large number of different issues.
Although we all know that such rankings are purely subjective, yet it is interesting to find out how many of the largest corporate giants rank against each other. Arguably, the most interesting rankings are not the general cumulative ones but the ordering of large corporations according to their "socially responsible" behaviour as good, productive, efficient and yet responsive citizens in their respective communities. The following is the list of the top ten most admired socially reponsible corporations as tabulated by Fortune Magazine:

1 United Parcel Service

2 International Paper

3 Exelon

4 Chevron

5 Publix Super Markets

6 Weyerhaeuser

7 Starbucks

8 Walt Disney

9 Herman Miller

10 Altria Group

Note: Do you find it paradoxical that almost half of these firms are engaged
in activities such as tobacco, paper and non-renewable energy?


elizabeth said...

Who at Fortune really believes coffee, or paper or tabacco for that matter, is a socially responsible business? Spend 1 hour in Central America or Kenya or Sumatra and you will see how "responsible" coffee is. If the land is not being ravaged the workers are being tortured. Starbucks profits from the field equivalent of sweatshops... in that case why not include Nike or Wallmart on this list?

ghassan karam said...

Nike will be featured, at Pace, towards the end of April for its environmental record.